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Production plant

Al Fateh Group new aseptic factory is located in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India. Krishnagiri is a prime hub of Totapuri variety of mango crop production. The unit is strategically located close to the source where large amounts of the raw fruits/vegetables can be easily procured, allowing us to maintain a close relationship with the farmers we work with and help in ethical sourcing.


The unit has a licensed capacity of 10MTPH (input of raw fruit), and the line consists of new state-of-the-art machinery. The process is up to the best standards, from automated ripening chambers to efficient manufacturing process: there is no human interaction with the fruit pulp and the aseptic process maintains the highest degree of hygiene.


The in-house laboratory is part of the unit and ensures excellent levels of quality with chemists and food technicians regularly examining samples.


Our family has been involved for more than four decades in large-scale supply of tropical fruits and more than 20 years in fruit-processing.

We personally supervise the manufacturing of fresh fruit pulp with the support of experienced people who share our same passion, to maintain the best quality and responsibility of work that takes place in the unit.

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